You’ve found fraud in your business. What do you do?

You’ve found fraud in your business. What do you do? Despite efforts to prevent fraud, the unfortunate reality is that it still happens. In fact, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners reports, it is estimated that companies lose 5% of revenue each year to fraud. The best way to mitigate fraud risks is to have internal controls and external resources available to prevent them from happening in the first place. Should fraud occur, the initial steps you take in addressing suspected fraud can hinder or greatly help your efforts. Don’t make the mistake of collecting evidence and acting without the assistance of professionals. If you suspect fraud has occurred at your organisation, you need to take some immediate action steps. I’ll be posting in the coming days some tips for you to consider. In the meantime, if you need any help or advice – please get in touch. Do you know what to do if fraud strikes your business?

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