BIS at CIMA conference

Yesterday was a great day!

I presented on behalf of Bespoke Integrity Solutions Ltd at the management accountants CIMA “Engage Europe 2022” event in Birmingham.

The presentation was all about #fraud and the #insiderthreat within your own organisation. Being aware of the risks that ‘rogue’ employees can cause; some key themes to educate your colleagues about and being proactive in managing the risks were my key takeaways.

It was a real challenge to speak in front of a live audience, but also one that was broadcast globally. It’s been a long time since I’ve presented to a ‘real’ group of people. Thankfully they were really engaging.

The photograph is Gemma introducing me to the audience. A great job of hosting she did too. Thank you Gemma!

Attending the conference allowed me to meet personally Sue Hurrell and team who had organised an excellent event. I discovered how inclusive and welcoming the CIMA organisation is.

Please get in touch if you’d like to chat about my presentation.

#cimaengage #engageeurope