“Why did you start Bespoke Integrity Solutions?”

That was a question I was asked recently.

During my police career, a “good day” was…

  • arresting the area’s most wanted criminal
  • preparing and presenting evidence that led to a successful and fair prosecution
  • following support I offered, seeing a smile on the face of somebody who has probably had one of the worst days of their lives.
  • Latterly, bringing to a successful conclusion business change projects that made the public of the Northeast of England a little safer.

 I recognised most of those things would not be possible after my police career.

Financial crime is now so prevalent – most individuals and organisations treat it as normal to be targeted almost daily.

“UK Police” (despite being great individuals) are rarely going to investigate any crime reports of fraud. That may be one reason why fraud is the number one crime in the UK. They don’t have the capability, capacity or leadership needed to take on this monumental challenge. If you suffer a fraud, report it please. But you’ll be offered many reasons why the crime report will not be actioned – even if you know who did it.

Why BIS?

I believe we all should be free from the threats of fraud.

I’ve helped organisations reduce their risk of fraud occurring.

I’ve investigated allegations of fraud, to try to prompt police action or a civil recovery of stolen assets.

BIS will soon be imparting knowledge and experience in coaching future fraud investigators.

That’s why I set up BIS.