Is the tone at the top of your business one of honesty and integrity?

Fraud prevention in your business, although something that will take some of your time, will help reduce the risks you face. Recently, I’ve posted a few tips to help during your review of how you prevent fraud. I hope they are helpful. Here’s another tip. Is the tone at the top of your business one of honesty and integrity? Establishing, and sticking with, a code of conduct was shown to reduce the cost of fraud by 56% — the greatest reduction out of any fraud controls studied in the Report to the Nations about risks you face. Employees take cues from the culture of the organisation, and a company that exhibits unethical behaviour in upper management is fated to have employees adopt the same attitude. Employees should be surveyed about whether or not they believe management acts with integrity and honesty. Fraud prevention goals should be incorporated into evaluation and performance measures. It’s also beneficial to have a transparent oversight of fraud risks by a board of directors or another governance body. If you wish to discuss anything about fraud prevention, please get in touch. Are your senior executives honest, and act with integrity?

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