santander event

Great feedback regarding Santander Bank session on risks of business fraud and financial crime.

Elizabeth (Liz) Jowett • 1st Work Café Business Relationship Manager, helping businesses to prosper in the Leeds area (North Yorkshire & North East) 5h • Edited • Some say #BusinessLaw & #financialcrime is dry and a dull subject… Well I can ? say that the whole session was incredibly informative, presented by a wealth of knowledge and experience… Peter McBay, CFE discussed areas of financial crime, not only to be aware of in your personal finances, but also inside the running of your business and employees. Richard Cramer presented us with real life case studies, scared us with the implications of not having all the facts upfront and also the amount mistakes can cost your business and reputation!!… Thanks to Bespoke Integrity Solutions Ltd and Front Row Legal ♨️ #workcafeleeds#events#coworking