daily mail article re fraud

Great Britain is number 1 in the world!

Normally, that would make a lot of people in the country happy.

But being the #fraud capital of the world is not something I’m happy about.

A Daily Mail report states the losses in the UK are far higher than the United States, Canada and Australia. It’s worse than at the height of the Covid pandemic.

Only one in seven frauds are reported to the police or Action Fraud, according to the ONS.

Apparently, we are now suffering £300bn of fraud per year in the UK. #Fraudsters stole £700m this April, compared with £200m the previous year.

There has been lots of debate recently about the effectiveness of my previous profession – the police. I’m not impressed that despite fraud being the most common crime in the country, only 2% of police officers in England and Wales were dedicated to investigating fraud last year.

Fraud victims may not be happy either when only one in a thousand reports of fraud resulted in a charge last year.

Three in four adults, the report states have been targeted by a fraudster this year. Should that not be 100% of adults have been targeted? Who has not received one of those texts stating you need to pay a fee to receive a parcel, or HMRC owe you some money?

Have you been targeted or fallen victim to fraud?

Are you doing anything to protect your organisation from fraud?